community currency

Maize Backed Miyani-Sarafu

Our first maize milling factory has been setup as backing for a rural community currency.

Rural Community Currencies for Food Security

Water collection by women and youth

To tackle insecurity holistically in both urban and rural economies will truly put our community currencies to the test and change how development is done.

Queen of Katwe

If you haven't seen the film Queen of Katwe, please go out and watch it. Katwe is one of the areas we are looking for support to start a community currency in.

Super-Market Super-Currency

Settlers in Nairobi's Kawangware informal settlement will soon benefit from access to low priced goods cooperatively stocked by the Gatina Business Organization (GBO) and sold in Community Currency.

Sarafu-Credit Takes Shape

We've been introducing the Sarafu-Credit model and our community currencies are off to a great start.

Kwaheri 2015 - Community Service and Results

Summary of 2015 and end year community services using Community Currency.

Mikindani Community Currency Market Day

The Kwa Ng'ombe Business Network held their 1st Market day - allowing the public to use Ng'ombeni-Pesa Community Currency.

SMEP OIKO-Credit Loans in Kangemi

SMEP a local OIKO-Credit partner is offering Loans and Training to Community Currency users in Kangemi