Wanjala Visits Bangladesh

Francis Wanjala is the headmaster at Sifa Childrens Home in Nairobi. After making his first trip to Mombasa he shared with us his experiences and desire to bring the program to Nairobi.

“Today I came to Bangaladesh, Mombasa where I was invited by Mr Will Ruddick to understand how Bangla-Pesa works,I first met the committee members who gave me briefs on how the program is being implimented. Then we walked around where I could see wall paintings at most shops, clinics, burchery, hotels, shoesmaker, etc. written Bangla-Pesa inatumika hapa “Bangla-Pesa is used here”. I walked in each place and the program was explained so well how it works. It made me to see it so real and working.

The committee took me to one of the public school (St Mary's primary school in where Bangla is being used, I met the headteacher who welcomed us in his office and shared to us how bangla works in school. He showed us some of the Bangla Pesa he was having. He said that parents who are members in the network use Bangla to pay school tuition and in turn it is used to buy water, tea and chapatis for teachers.

I was taken to some private schools. St Paul whereby I meet Mr Benard who said they are accepting Bangla when parents pay fees and tuition and it turn spend it to pay staffs and other expenses of the school.

I visited St. Angeline where I meet Mr Celement who shared with me the same experience.

It is a fact that this is one of the most exciting program I have come to learn about. It is my high time to introduce the same in Gatina Location (inside Kawangware, Nairobi) in our organization (Gatina Business Organization) This program if it is adopted by the government on this community currency will help to alleviate poverty and encourage members to save National currency.”

Wanjala's school in Nairobi (Sifa Children's Home) is one of three (including Kanrorosha and Kangemi Youth) that are in part supported through Nyendo-lernen and are making great strides in creating their own community currencies.

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