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Feb 2017

Reinventing Money: Story of Kenya's Community Currencies, by KTN Kenya national TV

Sept 2016 

Documentary on GE's Founder - Will Ruddick

Feb 2016

Kenya's printed cash: Townships use 'community currency' via Al Jazeera

Kibera's Lindi-Pesa via CCTV Africa.

Bergrivier Rand Launch and more videos from our South African partners

Kangemi-Pesa Community Currencies springing out of MORE primary schools in Nairobi

Gatina-Pesa Community Currencies springing out of primary schools in Nairobi

Tazama Bangla-Pesa Short Documentary

K24 News Bangla-Pesa's Replication

2013 Bangla-Pesa Documentary

A Campaign Message

Bangla-Pesa Post Court Relaunch K24 News

Dr. Jem Bendell on Bangla-Pesa


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Letters of Support

Anette Riggs, President of the IRTA

Mombasa County Assembly, Hon. Duncan O. Onyango

Kenya National Assembly, Hon. Twalib Badi

UNNGLS, Hamish Jenkins, of United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service

Attorney General Kenya

Community Currency Implementation Photos


Other Sites of Information

  • Wikipedia - General Information on Complementary Currencies

  • Resource Center - Database of different Complementary Currency systems

  • Software - Various Complementary Currency Software


Other Videos

A general description of CCs.​

WIR Bank Switzerland -the world longest lasting and largest Mutual Credit System.

Brixton Pound SMS System -a CC backed by and purchased with national currency.​​

GETS System - A commercial Business to Business credit clearing system.