Welcome to the community currency design course!

Thank you for joining us in this course. We are very excited about sharing what we've done with you and getting to see where you take and apply these ideas.  You will find here 5 modules -each one dedicated to a specific topic. The bulk of the course is however on module 3. By the end you will be able to understand, practically, how to set up a community currency. 

We also invite you to join the Community Currencies Design Course Facebook group. It's a closed group so you need to ask to join. Through this group you will be able to share information and get to know other like minded people who have also enrolled. 

*Warning: Some of the video materials were recorded outside so you may hear some wind and birds. We've tried our best to reduce the background noises

Lets get started!


If you are here you probably know already a little bit about the work of Grassroots Economics. However, lets begin with a small video to contextualize a little what we've been doing. 

This MOOC was created to answer some of the most recurrent questions we get on community currencies, to share the knowledge we've build and to instigate a movement of people being aware on how much of our lives depend on an economic system that can be completely redesigned. Let's begin.