Grassroots Economics is building and supporting systems that empower communities to create their own financial systems based on local goods and services in regional markets that are built from the ground up. Sarafu.Network is an open source decentralized application that connects people to the Celo distributed ledger in order to develop Economic Commons.

Celo Distributed ledger technology provides underlying protocols to secure user accounts and USSD technology enables any cell phone (even without internet) to have access. Read about our Open source software and Celo blockchain.


  1. The Sarafu-Network platform is supported by service fees and humanitarian orgs and allows anyone to access the network.
  2. The more that vouchers on Sarafu-Network circulate the more it builds resilient local economies and support vulnerable households.
  3. Gradual expiration of vouchers encourage users to keep the economy moving. These expired vouchers are renewed and collected by voucher issuers to support reissuance and keep a stable supply.
  4. Anonymous Voucher trade data can give Humanitarian organizations a way to identify weak spots for capacity building and support communities for their measurable impacts.
  5. Note that Voucher issuers are required to redeem vouchers for their goods or services not Kenyan shillings.

Create your own Community Asset Voucher and build an Economic Commons

  1. An organization or community group identifies projects and productive capacity (goods and services) that will back their Community Asset Voucher which will act as a medium of exchange for that community.
  2. To create a Community Asset Voucher for your business or group - fill out this form!

You can support the growth of Community Asset Vouchers and resilient local economies by getting involved!