Nairobi Bangla-Pesa Making Strides

Two settlements in Nairobi are racing to create their own Bangla-Pesa exchange networks. Kawangware and Kangemi groups are already near the minimum of 100 business members to begin their programs. Last weekend two business owners from Bangladesh came to Nairobi to teach nearly 100 locals how they use Bangla-Pesa. There was a great discussion and a lot of hope that before the end of this year Nairobi will have their own program. This program is being partially supported by Nyendo-lernen and Chiemgauer (another complementary currency program) from Germany who have agreed to help these communities with their printing costs. We hope to have a demo in the next month to show off the efforts of these groups.

Because of the sucsses in Bangladesh in using Bangla-Pesa to help with school fees, the trading networks in Nairobi are spreading out of three schools in the area. Students from these schools are working on drawing four themes that will be on the community currency, Community, Environment, Education and Economy.

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