African Community Currencies Update

Kenyan Community Currencies


  • Gatina-Pesa – The Gatina Business Network's members have been saving their Kenyan Shilings together since there launch last October and are using it as collateral to self-issue small loans to members. Sub-groups within the Network are also applying for micro-finance loans from SMEP-Oikeo. Information booths about the program are beginning to go up this weekend around Kawangware.

  • Kangemi-Pesa – The Kangemi Business Network did their first community community Clean-Up with the support of several schools in the area that use the currency.

  • Gatina and Kangemi groups are planning a shared market day where people will be invited to temporarily exchange their Kenyan shillings for community currency and shop at a special market for members only. In addition Robin Gerbaux has developed a Directory for both networks to help members find eachother.

  • Lindi-Pesa – The Lindi Business Network is prepared to launch August 8th in Kibera. With well over 150 businesses already pre-registered, this looks to be the largest launch so far. The currency was printed in Germany with the help of our German partners Nyendo-lernen, and Chiemgauer.


  • Bangla-Pesa – The Bangladesh Business Network is currently undergoing research from the University of Lyon. They have planned their weekend clean-up and Volleyball match as well as an annual reassessment of membership and issuance of Bangla-Pesa with expiry dates in late August.

  • Ng'ombeni-Pesa – Prepared to launch August 15th! They are preparing a fashion show as well as a new Mkokoteni trash collection group. Women and youth have been trained by the group as tailors and will showcase their goods at the launch. This currency was also printed in Germany with the help of our German partners Nyendo-lernen, and Chiemgauer.

South African Community Currencies

  • Bergrivier - The Brand or Bergrivier-Rand has had it's first month of trading.

  • Kokstad - The K'Mali or Kokstad-Rand launched on Mandela's birthday July 18th.

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