1st Community Currency Market and More

September 12th Community Currency groups in Mombasa and Nairobi both held simultaneous events. One was a community market and games day and the other was a trash collection and feast.

Nairobi CC Market

September 12th was our first joint market between two community currency trading networks in Nairobi. We brought together 42 vendors and teachers and students from 10 schools, to trade goods and services and play games. Beyond the nearly 200 trade network members that were invited we also opened the event to the general public by allowing them to enter the market by exchanging their Kenyan Shillings for Community Currency. This was our first such market, but by the reaction of vendors, schools and the public, we will have many more.

Mombasa CC Clean-Up

On the other side of Kenya the Ng'ombeni-Pesa (Cow-money) women got together with the Matatu and Conductor Association (of more than 400 Conductors) to clean up Mikindani. The cleanup targeted the areas most afflicted around Trade Network Member shops, and ended with a Swahili-style pilau feat prepared by members of the network. After the feast there was a lively discussion about doing a market day similar to the one in Nairobi and also about helping the members get to know each other better and trade more.

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