Mikindani Community Currency Market Day

The Kwa Ng'ombe Business Network held their 1st Market day on the 24th October 2015. Members came to sell and trade their goods at the event using Ng'ombeni-Pesa and over 50 people from the community who were allowed to purchase some of the community fund in Ng'ombeni-Pesa at a discount. The Kenyan Shillings generated by the event were distributed to the vendors and the community fund replenished. 7 new businesses registered at the event hosted at a local school, and the network continues to grow with the hope of reaching 200 members.

Halima Hassan from Ng’ombeni Pesa Business Network is shown to the left. She sells cooked food (chapatti, beans, potatoes and Bhajias). "I'm very happy to use Ng’ombeni pesa and today I sold the most within a short period of time compared to any other day." She says, “I am happy today because my potatoes are almost through, yet I have been here for less than one hour. I wish everyday was a market day so that non-members get the chance of buying with our community currency”.

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