Kwaheri 2015 - Community Service and Results

Five Community Currency (CC) trading business networks in Kenya have started their end of the year activities, using collected membership dues in CC as a community fund to care for the needy. A lot has happened this year. With only ~2,000 Euros worth of CC in circulation between five networks, we're seeing as much as 350 Euros of daily trade. This makes a huge impact on the lives of small businesses and schools in informal settlements.

Trade Volume

  • Amount in circulation: 216,000 Kenyan Shillings (1,911 EUR)

  • Daily Circulation estimate in November. 39,430 Kenyan Shillings. This is 18% of total in circulation traded daily. (358 EUR)* This is a low estimate for average yearly as we approach holiday seasons.

  • Monthly Circulation: ~1,118,000 Kenyan Shillings (10,750 EUR)

  • Yearly Circulation: ~14,000,000 Kenyan Shillings (129,000 EUR) This as new trade within five low income informal settlements.

The amount of trade is more than 200% higher than the amount of funding it has taken to setup these programs and will continue to grow.

CC Users

  • Business Network Members: 599

  • Schools: 18

  • Teachers: 72

  • Community Fund beneficiaries outside of Networks( such as service work participants): ~500.

  • Saving & Loan Members: ~100

Secondary Users

  • Students: 540

  • Family members: ~3000

  • Surrounding communities depending on businesses and schools: 100,000 (at roughly 20k people in each community around the shops)

Typical CC Uses

General Trade

  • Increases to sales and customers

  • Not going hungry and stability during poor markets

  • Offering CC as change during National Currency sales.


  • Higher enrollment and less student debt

  • Teacher salary advances

Open Air Markets

  • Selling more stock and getting new clients

  • Public usage of CC during event

Savings and Loan

  • Ability to save and invest. Networks savings increasing.

Community Services

  • Waste Collection, care for the needy, sports events, networking and cooking, school events.

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