Here We Are - Kenya 2016

Happy holidays!

We're seeing the power of community currencies in developing thriving communities and prospering economies. This year has been exciting for Grassroots Economics Foundation and for Community Currencies in Kenya. With a largely volunteer staff, we've doubled our capacity to over 1000 small business users and 20 schools, and are trading over 100,000 EUR worth of community currency yearly in 5 networks across Kenya. We're seeing people able to accept 30% of their goods and services in Community Currency and equivalent increases to their sales in Kenyan Shillings.

We've been honored by documentaries (Please watch if you haven't already. 1st minute in Dutch then English), media & research and awards, this year, but failed to find the support needed to really grow as a non-profit foundation. We're seeking matching funds to fulfill a challenge grant from Stichting DOEN, for a June 2017 deadline, but have so far failed to reach our targets. If you are able to support us or can recommend personal connections (rather than general calls for proposals), please continue to push us toward sustainability.

In order to reach sustainability we are considering, in early 2017, adopting a hybrid social-venture structure in order to generate revenue and investment needed to grow. It would focus on one of the key parts of the Foundation - developing and managing environmentally-sound import-replacing cooperative businesses in community currency networks. We've made headway, but there is a huge amount of work and support needed to get there! We would really love to hear your advice as we move forward!

Have a wonderful holiday and healthy 2017!

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