New Bills for a New Economy

We attended a meeting on DOEN's New Economy program, where our newest version of community currency bills were unveiled in Amsterdam. The new bills are printed in Germany on special paper provided by STRO. They are the most secure and advanced bills we've ever used!

These bills will go into circulation first in a rural area near Mombasa with up to 4000 farms, 10 schools and 30 local shops. They represent cooperative assets in the form of a maize mill as well as a community market place. The program is part of a Food Security measure.

We were also honored to visit TimeLab in Ghent this month and also give a talk to like-minded people throughout Belglum.

Other news: In the Kawangware slum this month, more than 100 Dollars worth of Community Currency circulated among three schools providing schools fees for over 400 students.

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