Preliminary Research Results 2017

Grassroots Economics currently facilitates Community Currency programs for 1140 businesses across 5 communities which report both social and economic impacts. A new program currently started in Kwale country without impact data. Both community demographics as well as impact of the Community Currency programs were surveyed.

Social Impacts:

Environmental Services: 57% of members (684) report Community Currency being used for environmental programs (Such as trash collection and community gardens)

Willing to continue: 93% of members (1114) want the program to continue and increase the amount of Sarafu-Credit in the community.

Education: 23% of members report using Sarafu-Credit for school fees (276 students with increased education)

Trust: 77% of members say that trust in the community has increased.

Gifting: When asked “How much over the last month did you give (in money professional services and time) to support people or groups without expecting compensation?”

Non-using Groups averaged 191 KSH (equivalent) Monthly

Community Currency users averaged 855 KSH (equivalent) monthly.

347.48% Higher amounts of gifting for those using Community Currency

Economic Impacts:

Usage with Kenyan Shillings: Based on 505 businesses surveyed across 5 networks an average of 36.6% of sales are being accepted in Community


Food Security: 6% increase in daily food purchases are being made by members using Community Currency

Job Creation: 17% of members report hiring new employees because of the program (206 jobs created). This is over a 100% increase from baseline.

Customers: 57% of members report increases to customers and 65% report increases to sales because of the program.

Member retention: Overall we have issued a zero-interest credit to 1700 members totaling roughly 7200 EUR and retained 1140 members (95%).

Community Currency usage over time.(Average daily amount of CC usage). We find the longer people are in the program the more Community Currency they are using.

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