Nairobi Coordinator Inspiration

For the first three months I started working as a volunteer. I am able to get in touch with different business individuals in all the three business networks that include Kangemi, Gatina and Lindi that are located in the urban slums. Through interacting with them I was able to understand how they operate their businesses, what they lack and what they don’t, learnt new business ideas. Among other things I discovered that through community currency, members in each business network increased the number of customers and also the number of sales that they made in a day.

  • During the Market day events different business individuals meet at a specific point where they traded together and exchanged ideas on how to improve their businesses, that is a social impact.

  • Education has also been made easier since the students can be able to acquire their tuition without no hustles.

  • Transport has been made accessible since Bodaboda that are in the business networks have been able to transport goods/products from the suppliers to the retailers shop.

  • Members in each business network never lack market for their commodities.

  • Whenever I visit each business individual, I always attend to and try to solve their issues such as teaching them book keeping; the knowledge helps them improve ways on how they can operate their businesses.

  • Members have been able to come up with ideas such as Chama savings, table banking and are able to issue loans amongst themselves to expand their businesses.

  • Use of the community currency has enabled members to be able to save Kenya Shillings by using Sarafu-Credit (Community Currency.

  • There has been an increase in the number of users that is more business members joining the business networks increasing community currency circulation. We have more than 800 users in Nairobi.

  • Members of each community network have been able to form cluster groups that has made easier for them to hold meetings and do their weekly and monthly savings in Kenya shillings.

  • Members have been able to do or hold community events such as Voluntary Community clean ups that helps the community secure the clean environment, Sports is also involved.

  • Community currency has enabled families not to lack food on the table since they can purchase food using community currency.

  • Training of members has enabled others members using that knowledge to train other members who do not understand the concept behind community currency (trainer of trainers).

  • Community currency has enabled unity among members enabling them solve their own issues apart from using the cc, this has brought understanding amongst themselves that is healthy in a community thriving towards prospering economies. This means that when they come together great things happen.

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