Detergent Accelerator

Julius Nyelele has been a member of Lindi Business Network for more than one year. He is a roadside seller of washing detergents and body jelly. He says that, at first he never understood the concept behind community currency, but later when he actively started using Sarafu-Credit he got more customers who are part of the Business Network. He has been selling most of his products along the road since he didn’t have a place to store his products, but currently he has a host of ready customers who are part of the business network that always purchase his products using Kenya Shillings and Sarafu-Credit (Community currency). He says that his products are always first moving now and that’s increasing his sales and savings. He is also starting to use the community super market space to store his products and has expanded his business to selling larger quantities.

Julius is benefiting from increased connection among the members and businesses of his community. By virtue of hundreds of shops receiving an interest free credit to use among each-other in an area overall efficiency greatly increases. Instead of waiting on Kenyan Shillings to make a purchase, members of these networks can trade using credit that is readily available. These networks also develop assets, like supermarket stock, that backs the credits (community currency) in case of defaults and to grow the credit supply.

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