Blockchain Powered Village Checkers Tournament

How do you have a proper checkers tournament when no one can pay the entry fees?

Jacob the organizer saw an opportunity. His neighbors in several rural villages are in the worst time of the year because of the scarcity of Kenyan Shillings. Instead of shillings they are using their phones to exchange blockchain tokens (Community Inclusion Currencies) for basic needs. Jacob figured the many checkers (draft/draughts) players (a local tradition) who would be willing to pay an entry fee with those tokens which could be used as a reward for the top three players - and he was right!

After dozens of dramatic checkers matches the top three players emerged victorious and won 5000, 3000 and 2000 Sarafu respectively. Their main goal when asked what they would do with their winnings: employ their neighbors to assist in farming their lands and stocking their businesses with local produce like flour, casava, peanuts and coconuts.

Everyone wins! Checkers prowess is rewarded, youth are encouraged to learn the game and the winners can employ their neighbors for farming and buy local goods and services with Community Inclusion Currencies. This is one of many community activities, including collective farming, religious gatherings, that are being revitalized using a local medium of exchange and removing money scarcity.

That is me loosing horribly to Mr. Chibwara ..... till next time.

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