Rural Villages Coping with COVID-19

Communities can support each other and keep vital food systems and trade alive using a blockchain based vouchers system (Community Inclusion Currencies) accessible on any feature phone (no internet required). 12,000 Users have signed up across Kenya to help strengthen their local communities. Community groups (chamas) in Kenya are being supported by Red Cross and other donors like DOEN to convert their Sarafu to Kenyan Shillings. Aid can be provided with Sarafu directly to those who need it. Please call 0757628885 in Kenya to enroll or find out more.

Tsuma Njirai is a cereal seller at Makobeni village has been selling cow peas and Green grams with Sarafu to the community. Since the government gave out the directive that people should not accept paper money she has been selling her cereals purely with Sarafu to help those without Kyenuan Shillings to access the commodity. She has drastically increased sales in her community by over 80%.

Jowa Omari has a barber shop in Vikolani village. He has been accepting Sarafu anytime someone comes to shave his head. Because of the pandemic, he is aware that most people are doing self quarantine hence he has decided to accept more Sarafu in his business of which he will later use the Sarafu to purchase goods from the same clients and also contribute to a community support group.

Omar Katana is a tailor from Katundani Village. She has been accepting Sarafu in her business for 50% of purchases but now that people are at home with no cash, she has agreed to take 100% Sarafu to help those who have no ksh to pay for the service offered. She also sells cloth material both in Ksh and Sarafu at the end of the month she contributes Sarafu to a local chama (savings group).

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