We are building systems that let  communities digitally create their own community currencies and allow them to exchange on regional economic markets that are built from the ground up

Source Code

Blockchain technology provides underlying protocols that allow Community Inclusion Currencies to trade with each other directly through common reserve pools.

Sarafu is a Network Token

  1. Sarafu is issued to users and also given out as rewards for community support.

  2. The more Sarafu circulates themore it builds resilient local economies

  3. Holding fees of 0.5% a week encourage users to spend their Sarafu and supply funding for more community rewards.

  4. Donors use Sarafu trade data to reward users with National Currency.

You can support the growth of Community Currencies and resilient local economies by supporting Sarafu

Build your own

Community Inclusion Currency (CIC)

  1. Sarafu can be used as a reserve to build your own CIC, which you as part of a group (chama) can create to fill your budget and trade gaps.

  2. A chama's CIC will be backed by the local goods and services of the chama- and can be converted into CIC created by other CICs via their Sarafu reserve.