Gatina & Bangla Pesa Nov Updates

November 18, 2014



After more than a year of trading Bangla-Pesa, with millions of shillings worth of bills changing hands, the program is running strong. The community had an Annual General Meeting, followed by a volleyball match and trash cleanup last week. The team also interviewed a cobbler who has been using Bangla-Pesa for nearly two years never stopping even when the program was under assault in mid 2013.


Gatina-Pesa continues to pick up steam spreading out from schools in Nairobi's Kawangware informal settlement. This video was created by Nyendo-lernen to explain why the currency was needed and how it works today.


Lots of new and exciting things are on the horizon set to launch in 2015, if we get the right support! New Currencies in Nairobi and Mombasa counties, as well as more in South African Municipalities.




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